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You can rely on us because we specialise in testing houses, commercial buildings and vehicles for methamphetamine contamination.

We do not do building repairs, remediation or property management. Therefore our sole focus is to give you an accurate result. NO conflict of interest.

We use the best technology, with scientific techniques, in collaboration with IANZ accredited laboratories.

We can do a screening test with instant results or a detailed assessment which can take up to three working days.



When to test for Meth.

Keep your family and tenants safe from

methamphetamine contamination

by testing houses that have not been in your control.

Rental Properties
It is really, really important that you establish a baseline before a tenant moves in. You have to be able to show that the property was uncontaminated prior the tenancy commencing.

Obviously testing between tenacies is also a must. It is the only way to pinpoint when the property was contaminated.

If your property becomes contaminated, then you need to be able to show who was responsible. A conviction for cooking meth means some serious jail time. No-one is going to just put their hand up and “Yep, it was me!” Without a baseline test you cannot hold your tenant responsible for the damage.

If you have not yet taken this step, then testing at the next inspection is highly recommended.

Meth labs can be located in all kinds of rental properties, from the lower value homes to some in very nice areas with a high capital value. Cooks are more likely to be of high intelligence and are often pretty well educated. You can’t tell just by looking.
Residential Pre-Purchase
This may be the biggest investment of your life. Or it may be another property in your portfolio of properties. Either way, it just makes financial sense to spend a little now to protect yourself from the downside of buying a contaminated property.

So when you enter into a contract with a vendor, make sure you include a clause that allows you to test for methamphetamine contamination. A failed result will allow you to either withdraw from the sale or negotiate with the vendor for having the property decontaminated.

It is far better to be safe than to be sorry.

Depending on the level of contamination, clean up could cost tens of thousands of dollars, and also delay either settlement of the purchase or move-in day by weeks or even months.You can avoid this hassle by testing before you go unconditional - A screening test can get results almost immediately, and written report will follow within 24 hours.
Residential Vendors
If you have DERUG SAFE NZ do a screening test prior to marketing your property, then you can show your property is safe to purchase, save the buyer money and make your property more attractive to buy than an untested property.

It also means you have control over the test and can demonstrate it's quality.

Deals have fallen over due testing done on behalf of the purchaser when we have found no contamination above the safe limit.

You don't want that to happen to you.
Motels, Hotels, Camping Grounds
How do you know if your motel room has been used by a 'P' Cook?

Sorry - that was a trick question. Because without testing you cannot know for sure.

P Cooks are very mobile, they might only use a place once before moving on - and hotel rooms, motel units and camping grounds are often a great place for them to set up and cook up a batch of P - with little risk of detection by the staff at your facility.

To protect you, your staff and your guests, it's a good idea to have a regular testing programme in place. We recommend testing every room at least every three months.

Or talk to us about purchasing testing kits and learning to do your own screening tests. We will support you with training and then do any evidential tests you might need if you get a non-negative result.
Commercial Buildings
Commercial building, workshops, warehouses, even storage units are all vulnerable to 'P' cooks

All you need to cook 'P' (methamphetamine) is someplace private, with a heat source and access to water.

Unoccupied out of office hours and often in a quiet neighbourhood on weekends and at night, commercial premises are sometime the ideal environment for a bit of illicit methamphetamine manufacture.

Unfortunately, it may even be your employees who let them in.

The only way to know for sure if your premises are safe for your employees and customers is to test for methamphetamine residue.
Background Reading:
Click on the image (right) to download the NZ Standard for the Testing and Decontamination of Methamphetamine Contaminated Properties.
Click on the image (right) to download the ESR generated Review of Remediation Standards for Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratories: Risk Assessment
recommendations for a New Zealand Standard.