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Meth Testers!
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DSNZ - Testing vehicles for methamphetamine contamination.
Did you know that some people smoke 'P' in cars and vans, and even use vehicles as mobile 'P' labs?

How safe are your fleet vehicles? You trust your employees or your clients (if you have a rentals business) to take care of your vehicles - but what if someone is taking advantage of that trust and either smoking or cooking P in your car, truck or van?

Can you imagine the OSH headache if you found out your staff were adversely affected by P contamination? The best way to protect your business and your team is to have a regular testing programme for all your vehicles. Once everyone knows you have such a programme, they will be far less likely to cause a problem in your vehicles.

We recommend testing your fleet every six months - and yes we do have bulk discounts for testing a number of vehicles at a single location.

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