Clarity and a sense of peace

I felt very safe and relaxed while having energy healing with Angela. Due to me spending a lot of time over-thinking and analyzing things, my head was feeling very heavy and cluttered prior to having the energy work. During the session I felt the sensation of the heaviness being drawn from my jaw up the sides of my face and through my head. After having the energy session with Angela my mind has quietened down considerably and I am experiencing great relief from having a more quieter mind which now gives me more clarity and a sense of peace.

Waves of colour

The healing energy that comes through Angela is very gentle and sincere, which reflects Angela's own essence. My experience was one of being supported in waves of colour, light and love. The feeling of support allows a complete relaxation and opening into the healing experience. There is no sense of hurry and time is allowed for relaxation and integration. A wonderfully nurturing experience which I can highly recommend.

Gentle, clear energy

What a wonderful opportunity to experience this healing. Very gentle, clear energy that left me feeling uplifted and transformed"
Enjoyable and positive

My time at the channelled evenings with Jenoah have always been a really enjoyable and positive experience. It is great to gather with like minded people to learn and share in uplifting conversation, which is always warm, loving and from time to time full of laughter. Jenoah is always respectful and clearly spoken in easy to understand language.. I would highly recommend these evenings for anyone seeking; deep meditation, Wisdom and most importantly friendship with a great bunch of loving people.

Depth of knowledge

We were privileged to meet Jenoah, Angela and Josie about a year ago.  Since then we have received guidance and encouragement in all aspects of our daily life, from learning what energies we are working with and how to contact those energies, and how to use specific meditations to clear fears and blocks that were stopping us from moving forward on our spiritual journeys. The depth of knowledge shown to us by Jenoah is astounding, for anyone who wishes to have a greater understanding of themselves and the world each one of us has brought into being.  We would highly recommend attending and participating in a Jenoah channelling.
Love and Blessings
Murray and Helen

Uplifting and positive

I have found these evenings to be very uplifting and positive in the message that is channelled. I have personally found that the messages very much resonated with me and helped me in my own personal journey. It is really neat being around like minded people and being able to share.
Thank you for the opportunity.

Speaking my language

My first experience of channeling with Jenoah, Angela and Josie was so overwhelming I was moved to tears.  Throughout the channeling experience I felt like the messages were just for me.  When we shared as a group afterwards I was overcome by how connected I felt to these complete strangers.  Everything they shared made such sense to me… It was like they were speaking my language.  The wisdom passed on to the group by this process is something I now feel I can’t afford to miss out on. 
Personal, empowering

I, Barbara Hilton, have experienced an awesome reading/healing session with Angela Dickson. Her approach is very gentle, caring, accepting and extremely accurate. Angela outlines the structure of the session from the beginning and holds a discussion on what one’s objectives are to be. This approach, I felt immediately put me at ease.
Angela works with and through a collective group of healers known as “Jenoah”. Throughout the session, these very knowing spiritual guides discuss any questions and queries one may have. The sessions themselves were conducted as a personal, empowering healing., This was done in a way that one scans the body looking and responding to the body’s pain or discomfort through mediation and discussion.
At the completion of the mediation I was able to speak to “Jenoah” I asked many questions to clarify issues that I had. These were answered tirelessly. I was delighted to have this opportunity.
At the conclusion of the session I was advised to go and rest. I slept for fourteen hours as I had had what was equivalent of an “energy operation.” I was aware, in my sleep state, of the healing visions that had been given to me in the mediation -these continued to appear for several days afterwards.
I felt my energy hugely rejuvenated and my soul/spirit moved onto another level. I now constantly call on this group whenever there is a need. The ability to do this was given to me at the time..
I have really appreciated the fact that Angela records the session on DVD. I have found this invaluable and listen to it regularly.
I would have no hesitation in recommending a translation, reading, healing mediation, chat session with Angela.
Kind regards,
Barbara Hilton. Howick, New Zealand