Terms and Conditions.

You are an exceptional person because you are willing to shift your perspective. Most people cannot bring themselves to take that level of responsibility in their life. Congratulations.

The coaching and healing modalities Linda uses are all very effective methods for making positive changes in your life. Their effectiveness is dependent on the client’s willingness to make the changes they say they want. Nothing Linda does is designed to replace a doctor’s care. You are responsible for your own health and well being. 

A Fast ReFrame is designed to address a specific problem in the client's life, and multiple problems will require multiple sessions.

The money back guarantee is available as soon as the client, during the session, tells Linda they feel that it's not for them, and that no progress is possible. No hard feelings - not every client is compatible with Linda's style of coaching. A refund will be processed promptly.

We assume you are well and capable of receiving coaching. If that is not the case then it is your responsibility to tell us.

You must be 18 years of age or older to receive coaching - or have a parent and/or guardian present for the session.

Nothing illegal or in any way damaging will be tolerated by Linda. Please do not book a session if this applies to you.

By purchasing a session you are accepting all responsibility for your actions during and after the session. Any reframes or advice offered by Linda is done in good faith and with good intentions. Only accept and act on advice you genuinely believe to be in your best interests and believe is safe for yourself, your extended family and friends, and the world.

Linda will not keep notes or other information about you beyond six months after the last session. If you contact her again after this time you will have to complete the paperwork again.