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What is a Happiness Coach? Why would you consult one?

“A Happiness Coach is someone who helps you become happy, right here, right now and regardless of your circumstances. A good coach will also help you make the changes in your life that you know you need to make, but have struggled to make on your own," says Linda Reid.

“For example, maybe you want to give up smoking, or you can’t seem to get your spending under control, or you know you should be making those phone calls for work, but somehow you just keep putting them off.

“The biggie, of course, is personal relationships. If you’re not happy at home, you’re just not happy."

We all feel axious sometimes. It's normal and helpful. But if your anxiety is stopping you from living a full and happy life, then it's a problem for you.

Telling yourself to 'think positive thoughts' does not help. Other people telling you is even worse. But there are things we can work on together that will free you from the trap of being over anxious.

I can help you remove fear as an over-riding aspect of your life and bring more confidence to everything you do.

Often, if you are in financial difficulty, or you are not building the wealth you desire, it's because of your relationship with money. Many people have a love/hate relationship - they love to have lots of money but they can't wait to spend it and they hate running short! Sometimes, people feel bad about having money, so they have a strong unconscious desire to get rid of it. 

I help my clients develop a powerful, satisfying relationship to money.
NOTE: I am not a financial planner and do not give financial advice.

Are your needs being met within your relationship? Are your partners? Do you have great relationships with your children? With your extended family? At work?

I can help you to understand yourself and other people more fully, help you see what your needs really are, how you can get them satisfied and how to communicate at a new, deeper level.

Without happy relationships, you are not living a happy life. Let's get this sorted right away.

What are the major stress factors in your life? How well do you handle stress? How's your blood pressure? Are you angry a lot?

Some stress is good for you, but ongoing, chronic stress will kill you faster than a bad diet and smoking combined. Having an unhappy, angry heart is not only a very unhappy way to live, it's physically very bad for you.

I can help you rise above the stressors in your life so you can live from a place of grace and happiness.

We spend a lot of time at work, and we can find it very fulfilling to do what we do. If you are unhappy at work, or you have problems getting along with some work colleagues, then it takes all the fun out of it!

I can work with you to create specific work goals and achieve them. I can help you get along with difficult people and find the joy in life at work again.

And I can help you make great career choices so what you do is congruent with who you are.

Want to give up sugar?

Or smoking?

I use a blend of NLP and Hypnosis (a proven technique for helping people to make positive changes to their lifestyle) that's particlularly effective.

Why wait for the first heart attack? Make those changes now!

Sometimes just one appointment makes all the difference.
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About Linda Reid

Linda Reid is a qualified Results Coach, NLP Master Trainer and Hypnotherapist. She uses the Robbins/Madanes Strategic Intervention Techniques to effect fast, fabulous change in people's lives.

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on the top 10 things you can do to be happier right now!

There are simple steps you can take right now to increase your happiness - and most of them are FREE!
“Like any good life coach, I help you get the mindset you need to be successful - and I help you get rid of the negative beliefs and limiting decisions that are holding you back.”

Linda has a toolkit that includes hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, strategic intervention and results coaching, and her unquie blending of these techniques is particularly effective.

Linda works with clients in their personal life and also helps them with business success. Nothing makes her happier than seeing her clients fall in love with their life, their partner and their career all over again.

The reason you are having problems achieving the life you want is that your unconscious mind is trying to protect you from pain.  It perceives that the actions you need to take to get what you want as potentially painful or risky, so it sabotages your conscious efforts to make changes.

Will power can overcome your unconscious mind for a short time - but long term it will always fail.

Hypnotherapy helps to align the unconscious mind with your conscious desires - removing the barriers to success you have experienced in the past.  It's a fast, effective tool to use and completely safe - as the client you are always in complete control. [More]


Using the metaphor of your brain is like a computer, then your brain has been programmed with language and behaviours from when you were very young.

Around 80 percent of the thoughts you have are not truly your thoughts - they were programmed into you by your parents, your teachers, your friends, media, and the culture you grew up in. If you listen closely to them you may even find they are not in your voice!

NLP is the process of bringing that programming up to date so it serves you and your current wants and needs, instead of holding you back. [More]
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The Top 10 Things You can do to be Happier RIGHT NOW!
The Top 10 Things You can do to be Happier RIGHT NOW!
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