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You are about to discover a whole new way of creating Joy, Health, Harmony and Love in your life.

Are you experiencing disharmony between the rich potential of who you are versus the reality of how you're living your current daily life?

v Do you feel anxious and depressed even though you are conscious and committed to yourself?
v Are you still over-giving and over-doing even though you are trying to create a balanced life?
v Do you feel alone and unsupported while trying to be the fullness of you?
v Do you yearn for an intimate relationship that matches your passion for life?
v Do you feel called to start a new adventure or career but don't know what it is yet?

The good news is you are not alone...

Janine intuitively draws upon many modalities of healing to assist you to:
  ² become the most authentic version of your self
  ² discover your higher purpose
  ² have a joyous rewarding personal life with intimate connection
  ² be self confident
  ² attract support for your highest calling
  ² have relationships that mirror your heart's values
  ² be heart-centred and soul simply joyous
  ² be full of vitality and life force
  ² be in sacred harmony with you.
  ² commit to yourself as Living Love

Janine Seymour is at the leading edge of the healing arts, using the age old wisdom of the mystic's 'alchemy'. She follows her guidance around the world to create Vibrational Essences and uses her extraordinary voice to simply transform any emotional, physical, mental,spiritual pain and suffering with ease and grace. Here are three short testimonal exerpts:

"Wow I feel everybody could experience Janine's blessed energy and teaching."

"I discovered that there is more peace and joy as life feeling happy with yourself. I enjoyed Janine very much, happiness comes out of [her] like a breeze." 

"What a privilege to be in the presence of and cared for by such a unique loving and gifted individual expression of Divine Consciousnesses."

Janine holds workshops and retreats, and works with individuals both in person and over the phone or skype.

You are welcome to enjoy the content of this site, and if you would like to meet with or talk to Janine, she'd love to hear from you.
About Janine Seymour

Janine is a Spirit Medicine Woman who has helped people have remarkable healings and awakenings all over the world. She is dedicated and committed to helping as many people as possible.

Find out more...
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Connect with Janine

Email             inspired@janineseymour.com

mob               021 0278-9668

Skype            janineseymour11
Janine was inspired to create this mini-ebook as her gift to you.

In it, there are two exercises in conscious breathing that give you access to a new level of consciousness that will connect you at a profound level to your higher self, your soul, your inner beingness.

This book is FREE to download. Janine offers it with the pure intention that it benefit you in your journey through life.

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Listen to Janine talking about her work.
You may wonder what result you can get from working with Janine, so here's a short story:

Janine was with her hair dresser (I'll call her Jacqui) and discovered that she had a major problem with her stomach. Janine realised that Jacqui's tummy was at the same level as the heads of her clients, and that any negative words and energy coming from her clients was being absorbed by Jacqui - right in her tummy.

So Janine is not just helping her heal, but she is also showing her how to protect herself energetically, and how to 'cleanse' herself between clients.

Jacqui is open to this because she already only uses organic products - a nice change from the normal chemical soup most hair dressers live in!

If you have a nagging problem that you would like to heal, contact Janine for a personal one-on-one consultation. 

You will have a truly unique experience.
This website is dedicated to the pursuit of improved health and well being and to those whom are aware there is so much more...

Awakening and remembering the true divine magnificence that is you. It is offered in compassionate support for those walking the path towards self-empowerment and self enlightenment. To you, a warm welcome is extended.