Janine is inspiring with her depth of authenticity, fun and wisdom.

Her own story is very inspiring.

Janine travelled so much that she married her travel agent.

She began the entrepreneurial phase of her life on returning to Australia -
assisting in managing three travel agencies and specialising in travel for
the disabled.

She dabbled in buying homes, real estate and was a partner in a
lobster processing  factory all of which proved to be very lucrative ventures.

Then her personal healing journey began; including clearing sexual abuse (from the age of 3-13yrs), then as a solo mother.

In 1992 Janine had a significant Spiritual awakening, kundalini rising meeting the Christ within, which changed her whole life direction. In 2002 she healed herself from cancer using alternative methods, and in 2007 she had one of her greatest gifts; a near death experience, choosing consciously to come back to be a New Energy facilitator; guiding others (in a much more gentle way than she had to experience) in the Heart Awakening process.

Janine has participated in hundreds of training programs and healing therapies. Rather than embracing any one particular doctrine, she has created unique, gentle methods of enhancement that can be adapted to almost everyone.

Her delightful, friendly presence and non-dogmatic approach is refreshing for her clients. Her focus is on bringing out the inner healer and sense of knowing that her clients already possess.

As a Vibrational Sound Healer
    The Sound of Light
        Speaks to the Soul
           to Re memeber your
                Ancient Wisdom

Janine’s voice is so divinely pure, bringing through vibrations/frequencies that perfectly match your needs to open your HEART and remember whats missing…this loving open hearted LOVE that is YOU.


As a Vibrational Essence Creator rediscovering  my ancient gifts and remembering that I have been an Alchemist  many life times, I am  now guided  to the most  amazing  place’s and spaces to create  Vibrational Essences of high frequency consciousness  to empower and assist in the ascentioning/awakening/remembering   the innocence ( inner essence )  of pure love that we are truly here to remember .

I am honoured  an humbled as I witness the magnificence of the Essence Vibration  that so gracefully create an experience of deep profound healing a surender aligning,allowing experience’s an expansion of the heart space so divinely pure and delicious  feeling   the  truth of who we truly are and from that space remembering why we are here an  what we are here to do, be and experience in Grace.

As  Channel for The Sound of Light being the voice of Gaia... the language of LOVE… its the voice that reminds us that we are all of LIFE “We are at ONE with all that matters”

Mother Earth
Ma = Mother /Terrra =Earth  /  Mother Earth=        ME..

The exquisite frequencies that are gifted to you are high-frequency that are created beyond the mind so that the new encodings of LOVE can penetrate your body as a new frequency that is of pure love… encoding and realigning your heartbeat with the Heart Pulse of GAIA... the divine Earth Mother... aligning your heart beat with the heart of the mother earth for we all aligning as one… new frequency is Love
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About Janine Seymour

Janine is a Spirit Medicine Woman who has helped people have remarkable healings and awakenings all over the world. She is dedicated and committed to helping as many people as possible.

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