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Janine is a Spirit Medicine Woman who has helped people have remarkable healings and awakenings all over the world. She is dedicated and committed to helping as many people as possible.

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Retreat into Nature
Janine has facilitated this many times her self, but what is really exciting is when she co-creates with the wise counsel of Maori teacher Hirini Reedy who has much wisdom of the bush and nature

Our Naturalness of self is wanting unification, to come back into the now frequencies
Are you being Denatured separated from nature?

Retreat into Nature is about going within.
The outworld has held attention over our senses since our birth. Images, thoughts and definitions fed to us. Not of my own creation but fed to me. Soon little voice inside gets muted. Inner eye gets blinded. Inner sense gets wounded. We go back inside using the entrances hidden for opening at this time. Reopen the seals. Remove the dross. The webs. Let sunlight shine within.
The inner house te whare tunui o tamanuiteaokohinanuitepo

Our Mother Whispers for deeper listening deeper seeing deeper feeling.
Allowing Nature to nourish and heal us.
Just as Nature is a challenge it's also our guide.
It takes courage and surrender to stand on the edge of new dimensions and simply allow new states of consciousness.

One exercise asked and played with is on this day retreat is,
Why do we walk alone and alienated from the surrounding abundance of energy?
The plants trees rivers rocks animals earth around us are all full of energy all of life is energy.
How do we allow clarity of a higher truth to move through us,to know that this is ours?
If we can be aware that we are not separate then we know we are a part of the whole.
Surrender be open to recieve be loving be grateful become one in all and all in one.
When we experience this beautiful space -we know it, in the kNowing comes the energy 

Retreat into Nature

The Art of Receiving YOU ...Simply as JOY
If you hear an inner calling…a deep yearning
An invitation is warmly extended to you.
Yes..then this adventure is for YOU.

A half day adventure into Nature
You will be sacredly guided on a journey into a serene bush wilderness, river, waterfalls
you will meet teachers,guides and spirit along the trail of discovery connecting to the elements and elementals
A time for nourishment and deep contemplation
In silence we listen to our inner kNowing..

-are you up for some adventure ..
-some fun..
-meeting like minded new friends..
-searching for clarity and passion
-yearning a deeper connection to self and Mother Earth
-learn how to connect to instant life force.
-if you are after healing and releasing at a core root level
-coming into harmony with your own masculine and feminine
-facing what ever comes up on the journey with ease

-answers to your questions
-deeper listening-deeper seeing
-soul guidance-activation's-healing
-understanding new DNA frequencies and easy alignment
-private messages,deeper connection with Mother Earth
-reclaim your sacred feminine wisdom
-healing the past incarnations and your genetic lineage
-balancing your masculine and feminine
Hirini will be covering tracking & reading sign, Maori warrior movement, nature inspired psychology and deep ground-work (stress-control). The other part of this wananga (retreat) will include essence-making, female earthwork and gaia medicine.
It will suit men who want to balance warrior, tracker and healer aspects using the bush as the training ground.
For the women it is also about balancing the female aspects between the nurturer and the protector.
Nature is a honest teacher who gives us our individual classroom and lessons. Humanity needs this more now than ever. We need to open more concrete heads, urban hearts & asphalt soles and connect with our natural state of being.

YOUR GUIDES Janine Seymour and Hirini Reedy

Janine is a Spirit Medicine Woman,Creator of Vibrational Essences, a channel for Mother Earth Wisdom speaking many Languages of Light and Sacred Sounds. Her passion to assist humanity to awaken to their beautiful heart wisdom. To assist women to  reconnect with the embodiment and wisdom of their strong sacred feminine.She is a workshop and retreat facilitator and works internationally .

For extra value and wise counsel Janine will be assisted by a Maori teacher Hirini Reedy who has much wisdom of the bush and nature. A former NZ Army officer, healer and spiritual cultivator who works both in NZ, Pacific and South East Asia, this is what he says,
"You must intuit your own answers, strengthen your own warrior courage and sharpen your own healing senses using nature, the land, the bush, the waters, the trees and the seasonal cycles. Explore the light (Te Ao) and dark (Te Po) sides of nature, the spiralling pitau, the gentle moss, the insect patterns, birdsong, silent tracking observing the little creatures whose intelligence of life is amazing. Each person must form their own relationship with nature. Become part of the Haa Whenua (The Earth Breath) that sustains all life. Not just human drama. Become humble and less expectant then nature reveals itself more to you. Its always been in you. Just got covered in concrete thinking and suburbia beliefs of adulthood. Enough from me. Nga mihi ki a koutou".
small backpack ,hiking shoes /water bottle
light lunch to share /journal /pen/ raincoat/sun hat