Janine's spiritual journey has taken her as far as Peru.
A testimonial  29/10/2011

"What a privilege to be in the presence of, and cared for by, such a unique loving and gifted individual expression of Divine Consciousnesses.

"The Gifts Janine expresses are truly of the New Paradigm we are entering and are of profound value to Humanity at this time. For me personally it was a moving time of remembering and acknowledging my own gifts to nurture and expand while at the same time receiving opening and healing in areas that were blocking me form stepping forward.

"The Vibrational Sound Healing itself is a dynamic, penetrating, pure Divine Light frequencies expressed through this beautiful person whilst in connection with GAIA."

Teresa Cameron, Auckland, New Zealand

"Without question. Janine is at the forefront of New Energy Healing and an experience with her will propel you forward on your own journey. The use of the Vibrational Essences provide support to prepare the bodies for the incredible energy that flowed during the sound healing.

"Janine’s wonderful relationship with Gaia is most apparent leaving one feeling safe loved and cared for the whole time.

"Please give yourself the unique gift of and experience with Janine."
Spirit Medicine Woman … Janine Seymour

Janine is committed to supporting individual needs and celebrating our abilities to heal ourselves. This work is offered in a co-creative way. Janine provides opportunities to go deep within ourselves to release states of dis-ease and transform limiting beliefs. Doing so opens us up to our unique gifts; soul connection; your true life’s purposes and abilities.

As a Spirit Medicine Woman

Janine's passion is to assist Humanity to Awaken by being a channel for Gaia and speaking many Languages of Light as a pure channel for Spirit.

Janine is a leading edge facilitator creating Vibrational Essence to assist the challenging times of healing with ease and grace. [More about Janine]

Spiritual teacher Sound Healer...

Janine says "I can help you live more in alignment with the life you want.  There is often a gap between the life we want and the life we are living.  I can assist you in bridging that gap, which usually involves identifying the blocks or saboteurs that get in the way.

"As we are entering  into the NOW AGE more and more of us are stepping into our power and truly creating inspiring lives. Aligning to our hearts, re-membering who we are, going from Separation Consciousness (which has been destroying our planet and our relationships) into Re-membering who we are and why we are here; our true heart purpose and greater intentions.

"Which is magnificent, but its NOW all NEW. There is no exact path to follow, we are the ones we have been waiting for. It is now our time to step up and sing out... Unleashing and connecting to our True Heart and our True Voice.

"This is where life coaching can help you. Life coaching can help you re-member your own perfect path, and identify your personal blocks that will inevitably come up along with way, and allow you to step into your Soul shoes. Dancing…"
Breathe into the unknown.... a whole new direction is flowing....open and truly step into our soul doing.
Joy is love expressed
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This website is dedicated to the pursuit of improved health and well being and to those whom are aware there is so much more...

Awakening and remembering the true divine magnificence that is you.

It is offered in compassionate support for those walking the path towards self-empowerment and self enlightenment.

To you, a warm welcome is extended.
About Janine Seymour

Janine is a Spirit Medicine Woman who has helped people have remarkable healings and awakenings all over the world. She is dedicated and committed to helping as many people as possible.

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