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As a Spirit Medicine Woman

Intuitive  Life Coach Spiritual teacher Sound Healer .. I can help you live more in alignment with the life you want.  There is often times a gap between the life we want and the life we are living.  I can assist you in bridging that gap, which usually involves identifying the blocks or saboteurs that get in the way.

As we are entering  into the NOW AGE more and more of us are stepping into our power and truly creating inspiring lives.Aligning to our hearts re-membering who we are going from Separation Consciousness which has been destroying our planet and our relationships into Re-membering who we are and why we are here our true heart purpose and greater intentions.

Which is magnificent, but its NOW all ANew there is no exact path to follow, we are the ones we have been waiting for it is now our time to step up and sing out..Unleashing and connecting to our True heart and our True voice.

This is where life coaching can help you.  Life coaching can help you re-member  your own perfect path, and identify your personal blocks that will inevitably come up along with way, and allow you to step into your Soul shoes.Dancing …

My life coaching specialities include:

*Have a more balanced life
*Make changes in their life
*Get out of a rut and stop feeling stuck in their life
*Need accountability with a new lifestyle change,
goal, or habit.
*Discover your life purpose
*Take positive steps in attaining a new career,
relationship, or goal
*Be more in alignment with the life you want.
*Learn and implement mindfulness and daily tools
to maintain a new positive lifestyle.


*Having an accountability partner
*Tapping into your own inner voice
*Seeing your life objectively
*Prioritizing your life
*Setting realistic and attainable goals
*Helping you realize and attain your priorities and
*Identifying your life purpose
*Discovering your gifts and talents
*Helping you tap into your true self
*Allowing you to step into your power and live in
alignment with your soul purpose
Vibrational Sound Healing  an energy modality that reconnects you to the fullness of your being. It is a high-level frequency of sound,vibration,energy that works on the physical, mental emotional, and spiritual levels.   Energy healing addresses healing on the physical mental and emotional levels simultaneous

Ascension Symptoms no you are not going mad  just completing your karmic cycle no more feeding the drama of karma

Quantam NLP.. very simple instant quantum shift healing technique at a cellular level to align you with ease to the magnificent core of you

Heart Awakening the joy of conscious relationships connecting you to the one you have been waiting for feeling this blissful love ..
Vibrant health you are the healer of you guiding you back into remembering how…. is your food truly nourishing you are you digesting all of life with ease

Breath coaching; how to have a strong structure within when all around is falling down.

Unleashing your RAW voice of creation Real Authentic Wisdom your inner vibrato that’s beyond singing a vibration so power that you can tone and sing your way home to you..your soul sacred sounds

Conscious Death Transitioning… using vibrational essences, the breath and gentle guidance to facilitate an allowing to surrender from the pain and fear of the third dimensional physical body and karma  into a  more joyous and peaceful letting go flowing into the light of love connecting into the divine celebration of returning to the light and beyond

Sexual Abuse Healing …I have created a series of vibrational essences that with help can assist  you in  reclaiming your innocence (which was never really lost )  to feel safe and worthy of deep loving …and have  life purpose career transitioning lifestyle changes, spiritual counselling and balance

Conscious Relationships. finding your twin flame. taking you threw a range of simple understandings to assist you coming into the most beautiful relationship that your soul desires beyond the karmic attachments of emotional  feeding  coming into the loving co creation of divine love  assisting you into your true soul purpose

Indigo Crystal Rainbow CHILDREN…. facilitating any lost connections, assisting parents to understand what these beautiful children require
Empowerment and unconditionally loving  is always at the root of my coaching and essential for success. I mostly  work with spiritually minded people that just need a boost to make them shine.
Awakening Symptoms
About Janine Seymour

Janine is a Spirit Medicine Woman who has helped people have remarkable healings and awakenings all over the world. She is dedicated and committed to helping as many people as possible.

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