"Thank you for being the divine Marriage Celebrant of my Soul, and launching my 2012 new year forward on my Soul Path in a way I could never have imagined!

"I never would have guessed that a facilitation from the other side of the earth through my computer screen on Skype could be so profound and life changing. The session was incredibly potent, and your light language transmissions flowed through my body like electric waves. Your absolute attentive, intuitive presence and gentle patience allowed me to open and receive fully what Spirit had next for me… the merging of my two previously very separated masculine and feminine sides.

"Since that event, I have had absolute clarity and motivation on what to do next in my life, and a deeper listening for my inner voice than I’ve ever had before. The essence vibrations worked really well for me, I could feel the energy flowing from my head down like a cracked egg sliding from my crown downwards, and I look forward to being able to use them daily on my own.

"Since this new merging between my head and heart/ doing and being/ giving and receiving sides here’s what’s happened:
- I am no longer “stuck” on completing my book (the words are flowing through my fingers with ease and joy)
- I have had an international motivational speaker/wealth coach invite me to partner with her to present my Soul’s message on stage and launch the book in New Zealand and Australia in March of this year
- My healing facilitations have moved to an entirely new level… and I feel absolute confidence and surety in my healing work, the self doubt has finally gone!
All this in only a couple weeks.

"I will certainly be recommending your work to other souls who feel “stuck” in their lives, or who want to see their life work transformed into a more magical heart-led, “Christ-alized” (thank you for teaching me that one!) journey, like mine is quickly showing up to be!

"Thank you again for your beautiful work, and I look forward to having another session soon. I’ll fasten my seatbelt for sure!

"Love and Light,"

Dr Leslie Wells, DC
Private session, one to one, May 2012

“Entering into a blessed union with myself is a perfect stepping stone on my journey to healing a lifetime of subconsciously living by my father’s maxim of putting others before myself. It is a way of declaring that I choose to love, honour and respect myself and from this place, every other being. In reality, it is the only way to love.

"Recognising a need Janine has created a wonderful ceremony using sound, language and her own essences to help bring people to a place of love, union and balance within themselves. I would recommend ‘Marriage of the Heart’ to anyone wishing to move into greater alignment with their own divinity. I could feel each essence working on a different part of my body and the language of light speaking directly to my soul. I felt uplifted and carefree as I went on my way and my lightness seemed infectious. I look forward to the unfoldment ahead.”

Gill Hughes…..
Healer, Reconnection’s facilitator,
Writer, Retreat Owner

Testimonials From SKYPE Clients.