Hi  I would like to share with you some of what others like you have said as a result of their experience of my work:

"I really enjoyed your essences  - felt so nice to expand my heart again - and I liked the look in the eyes with hands on the heart of a partner exercise too - loved the sacred energy." Sally Mabelle, M.Ed., B.A. Express your ‘Voice of Leadership www.sallymabelle.com

"Wow I feel everybody could experience Janine's blessed energy and teaching style-for me I have become clearer and connected,I remember who I AM ..peace."  Shane Burrell

"I discovered that there is more peace and joy as life feeling happy with yourself. I enjoyed Janine very much, happiness comes out of [her] like a breeze."  …. Julia De Carvalho

"After a number of very powerful healing sessions with Janine I have gained so much from her wisdom and insight.  Huge growth and inner change has resulted from her ability to sense and know what needs to be cleared and healed inside.  Some wonderful inner child growth and the release of old past life blocks have helped me live my true purpose and reality."
Craig Robertson   www.craigrobertsonblog.comCoaching

"Janine generously offered me an experience of her work in my lead up to running the New York marathon in a few weeks time following a recent injury. Janine has a beautiful way with words, a sense of humour and a down-to-earth realness about her. Facilitating a healing process using her essences and the power of words and imagery, Janine gently allows whatever is needed to unfold. She has a calm presence which helps instil calmness and relaxation into the experience. A lovely warm room, quietness and also a brief outline of how she works helped create a very conducive, safe and supportive environment. I always appreciate great follow-up which she did the following day and I also noticed change and progress within a very short space of time. Thanks Janine."
Janelle Fletcher….Speaker Confidence Coach Writer
Marriage Celebrant of the Soul

"Thank you for being the divine Marriage Celebrant of my Soul, and launching my 2012 new year forward on my Soul Path in a way I could never have imagined!
"I never would have guessed that a facilitation from the other side of the earth through my computer screen on Skype could be so profound and life changing. The session was incredibly potent, and your light language transmissions flowed through my body like electric waves. Your absolute attentive, intuitive presence and gentle patience allowed me to open and receive fully what Spirit had next for me… the merging of my two previously very separated masculine and feminine sides.
"Since that event, I have had absolute clarity and motivation on what to do next in my life, and a deeper listening for my inner voice than I’ve ever had before. The essence vibrations worked really well for me, I could feel the energy flowing from my head down like a cracked egg sliding from my crown downwards, and I look forward to being able to use them daily on my own.
"Since this new merging between my head and heart/ doing and being/ giving and receiving sides here’s what’s happened:
- I am no longer “stuck” on completing my book (the words are flowing through my fingers with ease and joy)
- I have had an international motivational speaker/wealth coach invite me to partner with her to present my Soul’s message on stage and launch the book in New Zealand and Australia in March of this year
- My healing facilitations have moved to an entirely new level… and I feel absolute confidence and surety in my healing work, the self doubt has finally gone!
"All this in only a couple weeks.
"I will certainly be recommending your work to other souls who feel “stuck” in their lives, or who want to see their life work transformed into a more magical heartled, “Christ-alized” (thank you for teaching me that one!) journey, like mine is quickly showing up to be!
"Thank you again for your beautiful work, and I look forward to having another session soon. I’ll fasten my seatbelt for sure!
Love and Light,
Dr Leslie Wells, DC
North Carolina  USA

"I have known Janine for almost 7 years and in that time we have worked collaboratively on a couple of projects and she has supported me personally.  It is that personal support in particular I  wish to recommend.  Janine has an uncanny ability to see through to the essence of lifes challenges and see the gift and the beauty of what is happening.  She has shown me what I could not see ( because of emotional attachment) and supported me to turn the light back on for myself.

"Her ability to faciltate people to a place of surrender whereby they experience themselves in their fullness is wonderful.  Any one of us will be faced with choices and challenges and sometimes making sense at a higher level is what is required.  Janine is so adept at this and through her senstive languaging and interpretation eases the transition.  She is a pivotal guide in these times and a very sensitive healer."
Pat Armitstead
Managing Change, Building Productivity and Resilience
Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, Author, Radio Produce

Email pat@joyology.co.nz   Skype joyologist  Twitter joyologist1 Website www.joyology.co.nz“  Radio Improv - Joy In The Moment” Planet FM 104.6 - www.planetaudio.org.nz/radio

"What a privilege to be in the presence of and cared for by such a unique  loving and gifted individual expression of Divine Consciousnesses. The Gifts Janine express are truly of the New Paradigm we are entering and are of profound value to Humanity at this time. For me personally it was a moving time of remembering and acknowledging my own gifts to nurture and expand while at the same time receiving opening  and healing  in areas that were blocking me form stepping forward.

"The Vibrational Sound Healing itself is a dynamic penetrating pure Divine Light frequencies expressed through this beautiful person whilst in connection with GAIA.

"Without question.. Janine is at the forefront of New Energy Healing and an experience with her will propel you forward on your own journey.

"The use of the Vibrational   Essences provide support to prepare the bodies for the incredible energy that flowed during the sound healing.

"Janine’s wonderful relationship with Gaia is most apparent leaving one feeling safe loved and cared for the whole time..

"Please give yourself the unique gift of and experience with Janine."

29/10/2011 Teresa Cameron       Auckland      New Zealand

"Thank you for connecting an being such a loving experience.The entire day was magical and one I will treasure.

"Throughout the day my heart kept growing and expanding to a point I thought I would explode. My heart chakra was definitely opened which allowed me to experience the love and compassion energy that was within me and every participant in the workshop .

"Your Vibrational essences made my cells come alive and tingle

"Your Sound Healing was amazing and opened my chakras which cleared some negative energy that was holding me back from being totally present."
Dee Petit  dee@sassyred.com  www.sassyred.com  +6421.0244.6111

Vibrational Essences

Beautiful, powerful and trans-formative.                  Janine Crawford

Energetic opening facilitators assisting connection with earth as spirit.                                                                             Sally Mabelle

Gentle softening expanding and grounding Waveney Grace Thode

Allowed me to look into and feel myself                         Kathy West

Returning home to my magnificence,very wise facilitator and I love the way the music was choreographed appropriately into the process                                          Lianne Divine..Wellness Coach

Felt myself meeting me…The visual ceremony I created in adjoining the male and female parts if myself,had a huge visual spin off.That of harmony with me and then my physical partner in life..
my husband..deep and profound                                   Sherri Main

A perfect day for me to find myself, to release what I have been holding in my own way to turn me on again. Wow                Jeff L.

A nurturing expanding empowering experience of coming into full presence….                                                                       Lisa Price

Uplifting,centering and affirming of my  I am  Angelic Presence                                                                                             Waveney Grace

A safe place to let go and open my heart with loving me.                                                                                                           Kathy West

Union of self to embrace and connect to my inner guidance, to feel complete.                                                                Craig Robertson

Deep peace mental quietness I didnt want to leave          Carolina

Wow you are like an Angel                                                Paul Tom…

Janines Facilitation

Wedding of the Heart… aligning to 11:11:11 Workshop

Janine is a very powerful and gifted lady, I found her workshop inspiring, as well as receiving much personal healing I also gained a new confidence in myself and left ready to do the things in life i had always wished to do but never thought of as a real possibility for me. I recommend Janine’s workshops to everyone who is not living their life to their full potential.

Laura…..  healer   councillor workshop facilitator

“Janine Presence was an unbelievable manifestation of the fullest expression of Mother Earth. Humbling, beautiful and wonderful”

Mya…..director healer speaker

Challenging, lovingly encouraging me to step outside my comfort zone and try new thing that were beginning to have  good results.I will take her ideas and guidance and explore further thank you ..
Janine P …..company accountant       

Janine lightness and fun as well as a passion for Unleashing the voices and energy in every participant threw her essences and the voicing of GAIA is inspiring. Sally Mabelle

Powerful and honouring,right to the heart core             Bethany

Very gentle and knowing                                                Kathy Wells

Energetic nurturing wise                                                Carolina

I seem to feel a flow and a feeling of strength and confidence, I’ve never felt before. Janine is a beautiful Spirit who helped me reconnect with apart of myself I thought was lost forever…This has been the greatest experience next to having my children
Kate 38 Australia

In my 36 years of teaching, Janine is one of the most inspiring and gifted human beings I have me
Dr. Angela Longo

A practical, informative, inspiring facilitator, taking me so safely to scary places, powerfully guiding and instructing me how to deal with anxiety and fear.Janine radiates love and complete acceptance I felt so safe in her calmness thank you thank you
Mell .B Australia

Janine partners with you to get to the core with out judgement, blame or shame: she is a true Way Shower and Coach. Lots of fun and deep presence with this amazing beautiful woman 
Mary Garner                                                                                   

Janine is an insightful empowering presenter and guide. She is gifted talented and funny. Her voice will warm your heart and invite you dance. Be prepared to play, you’ll love it -
Michelle King

Janine Seymour is inspired, committed and focused on personal, global and universal growth and transformation - she is consistently present and effective in her facilitation work - and, at times, even magical. Positive change is assured - transcendence is a possibility.
Dr Tony Minervino, DC

Janine was the breath coach at my last home birth. Janine helped me focus and bring intention and strength into what became one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Janine’s manner and prescience made the experience a beautiful one.Janine is a gift that needs to be shared whether in pregnancy, relationships connecting with self or just breathing and connecting into your process I highly recommend her to anyone.
Sandi Clapperton

"I would just like to say thanks for the awesome person you are,your listening an thought provoking  questions are inspiring. For the first time in my life ..you are getting me to let go,rather than hold on.I feel really good with more perspective on life than before,you have helped me relaxant to really think about the different aspect of my life…I dunno, you just seem to understand me when others don’t..so thank you." 
Paul  T   36     Communications   Company Director

She has very strong healing hands that after two sessions I was free of pain and congestion.Her depth of wisdom is outstanding .She provides a safe and gentle place .
Howard  67

Firstly, thank you so much for such an awesome workshop. That was the most powerful workshop that I have ever attended and experienced. You created such a sacred, safe, and loving space to allow me to connect into the core of my soul. It allowed for the pain and fear of being condemned and tortured for my healing work in past lives to be released. It allowed me to bring forth my spirit medicine woman energies, to accept who I am in this life time. To allow my sexual energies to be grounded deep into Mother Earth and to allow healing around my own sexuality.
Tania B … Hamilton

What a blessing to be attended to and cared for by such a wonderful presenter/healer/teacher at this event.  you contributed so very much of your loving light on this day that it was truly radiant and continues to this day.    We were lifted to greater heights with Janine’s sound vibrational healing where we all received a personal embrace from Gaia through Janine’s exceptional gift of channeling the Mother Light.   This experience presented  exquisite gifts in human form and I thank you  for your love and care.You have all inspired me.In Deep Gratitude Teresa