As a Vibrational Essence Creator rediscovering  my ancient gifts and remembering that I have been an Alchemist  many life times, I am  now guided  to the most  amazing  place’s and spaces to create  Vibrational Essences of high frequency consciousness  to empower and assist in the ascentioning /awakening/ remembering   the innocence ( inner essence ) of pure love that we are truly here to remember.

I am honoured an humbled as I witness the magnificence of the Essence Vibration  that so gracefully create an experience of deep profound healing a surrender aligning allowing many  experience’s an expansion of the heart space so divinely pure a delicious feeling the truth of who we truly are and from that space remembering why we are here an what we are here to do be and experience in Grace… beyond the cognitive
It is a joy to create and witness that the vibrational essences have been created in a sequence that aligns with Humanity awakening each one flowing and expanding into the next which I use in my clinics workshops or s Skype sessions.. Individual Essences can be taken to strengthen specific needs
Feminine Vibration Essences

Wahine Fire is the Feminine Flame .Simply observe the flames of a fire dancing above burning wood? The licking, flicking, sparking nature of the Feminine Flame as she hurls her spears of light into the captivated dark. This same spirit also simmers within you. You feel it move in you at times. Yet you also feel the coldness of  the unlit unattended dream. The emptiness of the inner hearth. The unkindled heart. Waiting to burst into flame. Into burning delight. How long have we as mothers, wives, partners,lovers stifled our own fires in order to fulfil our domestic roles? You can be both. The responsible mother and vivacious woman. Let not the layers and substance of your daily work extinguish your inner fire. Rage rage against the dying of your light and the dousing of your flame. You must rekindle your essence, reignite your dormant flaming self. This is the spiritual intention and energetic infusion that has been created with this special essence Wahine Fire

Feminine Essences

Kia ora and Greeting beautiful sisters, I am on a mission to assist as many of my sisters to fully embody the sacred feminine.I am an alchemist and create Vibrational Essences to assist a deepening alignment and inner knowing. Beautiful sisters

Sensual Grace ..

Beyond healing crossing the bridge to freedom , co creating with life,remembering pleasure.
Deeply healing the feminine wounding and assisting a re birth into the goddess you were born to be, a exquisite experience .

Created atTe Kohanga or Castle Hill (meaning birth place of Goddess/Gods ) in the South Island of New Zealand an ancient Mystery School


Held sacredly by the masculine men holding sacred space and chanting ancient song
As we surrender to our feminine trusting our masculine we embody ourselves deeper. Softening gently into the Flow of love,magnetizing to us our hearts desires
Women the hard work is done,this Vibrational Essence is FLOW …
Feminine Love Opening Wisdom GENTLY
created on a Retreat into Nature
Created in the gentle flow of the river.
She is so beautiful and will assist you in being your radiance your beauty your passions succulent and juicy Flow is fun

Wahine Fire

She is powerful just like you,we have all done so much healing this essence is a bridge for us to cross into the magic .
The time is NOW for new breath to ignite to the passions we were born to be.
Wahine Fire assist in your connection to Mother Earth -
Embodying you deeply into you .
Connecting to your deepest inner kNowing,grounding hips and womb space remembering your original connection to YOU and Mother Earth Created in a cave, the sacred entrance of the feminine ,deep in the mud I stood.
The juicy calling of our Mother.
Wahine Fire is readying you to stand in the fullness of YOU..Embodied as Pleasure

If this resonates within you, then you are ready to order @ $25.00 includes postage  (add postage if OS)
I am also available for skype sessions @ janineseymour11
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Each essence is $25.oo plus postage
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