Whangarei's Specialist Muffler Centre -- 11B CLARK ROAD, KAMO, WHANGAREI
                                                   Phone 09 4353092
Whangarei's Specialist Muffler Centre
11B Clark Road Kamo Whangarei,
behind McDonalds in Kamo.
Phone 09 4353092  
Mobile 027 6974809   email tanyahalvorson21@gmail.com
What our clients say...
A clean car exhaust system is a sign that your vehicle is running well.

Martin will also check that your car exhaust system is not leaking, which can lead to carbon monoxide fumes being released inside your vehicle.

Exhaust systems today are better than ever.
They have to be to provide better:
  Fuel efficiency
  Pollution and noise control

However, your muffler, exhaust pipe and catalytic converter are still vulnerable to corrosion and damage. After all, they’re under your car.

That's why we offer a FREE Check of your exhaust system - while you wait. It only takes about 10 minutes, and you will get a written quote if your exhaust system does need repairs.
Why we offer you a FREE CHECK
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This is why you should get your exhaust safety checked: CLICK HERE