Lynz Garden Glimpses  creator Lyn lives in beautiful New Zealand.

Lyn started to press flowers between the pages of books when she was a young child. Her first artworks were created for a gravely ill friend, Naomi, who loved flowers but could not tolerate their fragrances. So Lyn created  artwork for Naomi so she could enjoy garden glimpses from her sickbed.

The art work for
Lynz Garden Glimpses  is made from locally sourced natural products, without artificial colors, glue or chemicals.

Lynz Garden Glimpses include combining pressed flowers and water color painted backdrops from which the final image is printed.

Each of the delightful
Lynz Garden Glimpses is unique. A portion of proceeds will enable Lyn to donate one of her framed Lynz Garden Glimpses to terminally ill bedridden people.