The funds Founder, has, like All of us, gone through much in his first 50 years of existence.

He has been a Labourer, a Builder, a Farmer, a Business Owner and an Investor.

Thwarted by many a Governmental, Banking or Global change, he has finally succumbed to the Ruling Authorities.

Many a Rule, can be both Unfair or Unjust, and the fight to make it right seems never to be worth it in the end.

Banks have a Dominant position over Us.
          Some People never have the Opportunity to Own.
          All People are charged Fees if their money is not cleared in time.
          Any Loan Can be Revoked when they like.
          Settlements Can be Held up for a Year costing You.
          Indemnity Insurance Is Written by the Banks, Not for Us.
          Valuations Are and Can be Frequently Manipulated.
          Mortgages are a Promise You Will give everything to the bank should you miss a payment.
          You could be in a Family Home for centuries, but these institutions care not.

Councils also Now are a Dominant Force.
          Councils Charge Contributions Fees if You want to do something.
          Councils Permit you to do things on Your Property.
          Councils can Sell you up if you don't pay your Rates.
          Councils have removed your Water Rights.
          Councils Inspectors inspect Tradesman who Are Registered.
          Council Rates Can be 2.5 times more expensive than other similar buildings.
And the List Goes On.

Even Your Solicitors now work for the Bank whilst working for You.

That is where your Mortgages are now signed.

All of these Issues have been met `Head On`, by this Funds Founder.

It is Because of these issues that this New System is Born.

It Is Time to say ENOUGH !!!

Previous Leaderships have been born from Injustices.

From Ned Kelly, Robin Hood, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandella, Albert Namajira and so many many more, who stood Boldly Up and said `ENOUGH`.

Together We can All Unite in saying ENOUGH.

To Allow All, The Dignity, Respect, Honour and Fairness, This is a Message that Will speak Loudly and continue to Operate when We are Gone.

This is Our New Self Sustaining Legacy.

Thank You.