Your bequest - Your chance to help secure the future of people through The Manaia Fund.

A bequest is a gift made to The Manaia Fund in your will, and it would play a part in the future of The Manaia Fund, ensuring its services continue to be free to the wider New Zealand community.

The Manaia Fund is committed to providing free the necessities of living - food, power and shelter - to all who choose to participate.

How will your bequest help The Manaia Fund?

You will be giving a lasting gift to help those who need our services.
The more money we raise in the beginning, the faster the fund will grow and be effective - and the money is continuous growing with no loss to operating costs.

What is a bequest?

A bequest is a gift, left in your will. You can give in a variety of different ways to suit your wishes.

Which type of bequest is best?

This is completely up to you. Once you have taken care of your family and friends, there are several ways you can remember The Manaia Fund in your will.
It is your choice - a specific sum, a percentage of your estate or the residue of your estate.
A specific sum of money for your bequest is wonderful, but is a wise idea to think about the effects of inflation on that amount over time. What may seem like a great deal of money today, can in fact reduce a great deal over time.
Nominating a percentage of your estate will make sure your money will do the best work for you it can for The Manaia Fund.
You can leave The Manaia Fund the residue of your estate - this is when you leave what is left after any gifts have been made to family and friends, and all the expenses have been taken care of.

A specific gift of property

You may want a specific property or an asset that you would like to leave for the benefit of The Manaia Fund. We would advise you to check with us before you make a specific gift like this, to make sure that your gift matches our needs in the best possible way.

You can place your property into the Manaia fund, which will protect your hard work from unscrupulous family members and lawyers.
Because the world has been divided through money, placing your home into the fund, can stop the family in-fighting, where you just get to pick who will use it and pay the ongoing rates and repairs. The person you choose can accept the position or pass it on.
Should the property still have a mortgage, this will be cleared up within the fund, and the chosen person will have to repay the amount without interest or charges to refill the Manaia fund.

How to make your will

Your will is a legal document and as such, it is imperative that the wording is correct, and that it has been witnessed and signed properly otherwise it may not be valid.
It is best to have your solicitor, legal advisor or trustee company draft your will for you so you can be sure that your wishes are correctly followed.

Wording of your bequest

To make sure your bequest benefits The Manaia Fund the way you intend, you need to use the following wording in your will:
“I give to the The Manaia Fund (% of my estate, or the residue of my estate, or sum of money, or a description of property or assets) for general purposes, for which the receipt of the General Manager or other proper officer shall be full and sufficient discharge to my trustees.”

Alternatively, if you want to leave a bequest to the The Manaia Fund which will then be invested and the interest used for on-going operation of The Manaia Fund, then use this wording.
“I give to the The Manaia Fund (% of my estate, or the residue of my estate, or a sum of money, or a description of property of assets) for investment purposes, for which the receipt of the General Manager of other proper officer shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my trustees.”

How to change your existing will

You can update your will at any time, but your legal advisor will encourage you to review it every five to seven years or when a significant event has occurred in your life.
If you have an existing will and would like to The Manaia Fund, you can easily add a codicil about your gift, simply ask your lawyer for more details.

What would The Manaia Fund use my bequest for?
By leaving a bequest in your will, you will be helping to secure the future of The Manaia Fund to provide quality services to those in need. We prefer that a bequest is giving “for the general purposes of the The Manaia Fund…” as this allows us to utilise the funds for operating costs and major projects.

Cash deposits can be gifted to;
The Manaia Fund  03-0498-0828007-00
via internet transfer or at the nearest Westpac Bank.
Writing your will can get you offside with your whanau. Angry siblings can destroy what you have worked for.
Placing your home into the Trust of the Manaia Fund will ensure your home stays in the family for good, generation after generation. Your belongings could become the renovations you always wanted, that can further help with jobs and making your offspring more comfortable.


Any contributions, anonymous or named will continue to give, as this fund self perpetuates at 10% pa. Companies or govenments and philanthropists may help here.

The Manaia Fund
to anticipate the moves, of the past thousand years
as a society, we created life, with all sorts of fears
but today we are different, with this life breaking down
untolerable circumstances, still bound under the crown
of policies without reality, the two just don't mix
less easy to ingest, this life full of tricks
so I will mention a group, of intolerable fools
with one thing in common, just to break all the rules
they are indigos formed, in the twilight of fear
the going down of the dark ages, are finally here
and with one swoop of the pen, what was done will undo
and the changes predicted, will come down to you
the wheel of this time, will turn that way no more
for today's needs of the people, of concern is the score
with a message to sound, Manaia will lead the way
to give the people their needs, give the people their say
Invest into our future, a foundation of stone
unbroken unbeaten, kiwi to the bone.