The Manaian Declaration of Intention...    30/7/2014

Manaia is a Social Movement for human Rights.

The Manaia fund is born from the peoples need to be equal and to have their basic needs provided without the corporate cost just to live.

Manaia will uphold the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted and proclaimed by the General Assembly resolution 217 A (III).

This Fund is a Social fund,(not to be confused with a Public fund which is governmental), and is created to sustain the people and strengthen peoples resolve.

Manaia is not a bank or lending institution, as it will purchase but not sell.

Manaia is profitable, but is not for profit.

Mania is a movement to Equality and Freedom.

Manaia will reduce government social costs, saving on public housing and repairs, rent assistance, and WINZ benefits.

Only the Manaian social movement can produce these results positively for Queen and subject.

This is the Manaian Declaration of Intention.