How do we Profit?
Conventionally we need something Extra when our money is returned. Invest $100 and Get back $102 after tax. Here you get $100 back and you should have Profitted by not ever having to pay for interest on your Home and not paying Power bills anymore. A 100k loan over 25/30 years costs you 230k plus. With the same repayment We can Profit 130k Plus not owe anyone or be kicked out on a bad mortgage.

We are used to Short term Gains. Why would I change?
You don't have to change everything, But what we do isn't working. Wouldn't you like to help a new system get off the ground knowing what the outcome will be?

Can you Guarantee my money?
Yes and No.  It is all in property without debt, and is in our name, so Yes. But, property is controlled by banks, Governments and trends. So No.

Will this Fund gobble our Money in Fees and Charges?
No, It will not charge these things or interest. It will come from the Establishment fees at the start and may require up to 1% of the weekly turnover ,should it not be able to continue en-gratis.

Why do we Have to do it?
There is Enough money in the world to stop poverty 100 times over right now. The trouble is that the Money is filling the pockets of Less and Less. Some 85% of the world is now in Poverty. That's why.

It won't work, it's too big a concept? !!

Yes well we didn't have light or tv or cars or rockets once either. Sometimes we just need to get on and Try.

ave you showed anyone of importance?
If you mean Govt, or Kiwisaver, then Yes. I have sent it to the Guild of Economics, parliamentarians, and spoken it at permaculture get togethers. I even sent it to Philanthropists, all who like the Concepts, or those that respond anyway, but I have realised, that if we do this, it hurts their bottom line. so yes.

Are you not Fearful of being targeted?
We all Own it, so No. Im just the Messenger.

This is more that just a Cry of Enough, isn't it?
Yes, Its a shout to humanity, and No Comment.
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