This is a Social savings plan.
The Manaia Fund is an account, not a bank.
You will provide Manaia a name and 7 didgit code so your savings can be tracked. Your savings will be tallied against your own bank records which we will ask you to keep. Your tally will come off any property you wish to live in. This fund does not help purchase investment properties. Only homes.
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Your investment in yourself, helps all of Aotearoa.
When we give we also receive....
Unlike the Public Kiwisaver schemes, that are designed to help the Government. Designed to make it look as though the National debt is lower than it is, it also helps the Govt to provide the retirement money needed for an aging economy. Manaia will provide the same, but in our interest.


The Manaia Fund will offer a long term savings bond.
Unlike a post office bond which pays no Interest, the Manaian Bond will pay a small 2% interest.
The bond will be used for the sole purpose of providing the basic needs freely to the people as with the savings, bequeths and the donation or charity participation.
Your bond will start from $1000.00 and be termed for 8, 14 or 21 years.
Should you wish to Invest in this Social Movement aimed squarely at eradicating Poverty in your own Country, please contact us.