The Manaian Story...

Born from a great upheaval, Manaia graced the Aotearoa shoreline. For it is said, that Manaia stepped forth in his warrior tradition, when others cowered behind whatever they could, when the Knights were sighted off the coast of northland.

This ancient warrior, Manaia heard of the atrocities befallen the Celts that were driven from their homelands as colonists, and forced to fight with the locals to stake their claims.

Manaia fought valiantly and in the greatest act of courage and honour, drove the knights off the mainland, into the sea, to what is now known as the Poor Knights islands, where they still reside today.

After the greatest battle to have reached the shores of this great country, Manaia looked back to find one of his daughters was taken by the beast with a crown.

Manaia lay his head, and through the sorrow, his tears created Whagarei harbour. Manaia, so saddened placed himself at what we now call Whangarei heads, and keeping the knights at bay.

Manaia became annoyed that his people were deceived before he rid his beloved homeland of the terrible knights, so he turned away from the people he so dearly loved.

Manaia decided that he would sleep, and would not be awoken until another, as honourable as he would somehow awaken the slumbering guardian.

A small boy, wondering on this mountain, placed his hands upon the rock and was given a vision of the plight of the people. Together in secret, overlooking the beautiful sea, they brainstormed up a new model to unite the tribes, both brown and white, to get them to a position of strength to finally put an end to the disease left behind from that ship.

The infection that moved throughout the land, sickening the minds of many to commit many offences to our mother, the earth.

Manaia now awakened, is sickened by the misuse of the rivers and sea, and of the nasty air and misused farm lands.

Manaia is saddened that his people have become abusive to their families and neighbors and that the children are malnourished and mistreated.

Manaia, our guardian, shows us the living path that will lead us out of the chains that still bind Us. He has given Us a way to our Freedom.

Will We help him help Us this time?, or hide behind our fear to change our lives? Its up to YOU !!!!!