The Basic Principal is Pay-It-Forward.

Money is Pooled and Drained, Pooled and Drained.
  Constantly Renewing itself at 10% per Annum.

No CEO`s or thousands of staff are paid by this Fund.

You like I, have Equal Ownership of this Fund.

So You, like I, have a Vested interest in helping it work Correctly.

Money is going to come in from Everywhere, From Donations and Wills, down to  Super Schemes, savings and Repayments.


People will Apply For a Home, (not an Investment property).
          They, if successful, will need to have Solicitor and Establishment Fees.
          The Property will be Purchased/Registered in The Funds name.
          The Person will be Our `Tennant in Common`.
          There Will be No Mortgage or Loan against this Property.
          The Home Will be repaid within 500 Weeks, and will be shown as Rent.
A $1.00 Purchase price will be given If the Home owner wishes to transfer it out of the name of us All.
To keep his Property in the Fund will offer more Protection.
The Applicant Can accept Solar to Grid is he so chooses to be added to the home price.

Presently homes will be purchased through Applications via categories.
Simply, Cat 1- 50k
             Cat 2- 100k
             Cat 3-  150k etc
The More Homes into the System the quicker due to repayments, the better for us all.
  Sorry to those wanting 1 million, when 20 may only want a 50k home.

When the Fund is in Top production, there will be 12 persons, all starting on the First of a different month, and being replaced after 12 months.
No person will be related in any way to another on this panel.
3 persons will Oversee the operation.

Nothing will Be hidden, this will be an Open Society.

Think Long Term, and The Skies are the Limit.


After Critical Mass, The Fund will Add the next Advantages.

A Staple Foods Bank, where we will be entitled to an Equal share of the Local produce paid out of this fund.

We can have Self Funding Insurance covering Building Materials Only, which will also run through the fund, set at 5% of the Building Materials p/a.

This is All Possible Today.
Join Up Now.