Sometime back - oh a year or two ago…a tiny seed was planted that suggested New Zealand had a fabulous yoga scene … one worth sharing, uniting, consolidating, contributing to and learning with…

It seemed no one else had quite the same idea - although other branches of a similar tree were flourishing here and there.

Combining the skills of a lifetime of educating, language, media arts and yoga and voila we had a pretty good recipe for a magazine. A magazine that would be in keeping with the seasons in the antipodes and would offer a smorgasbord of learning and sharing experiences and opportunities to celebrate each other and our individual and joint journeys on this yogic path… our turangawaewae over our turf. No more longing for the time and funds to join an overseas expedition - they are still there - but I am sure you will agree what we have here is on that cosmic stage too - pretty out there. Prana & Wanderlust sealed these musings for me.

Because the thinking was always ‘us’ and ‘we’ the idea of contributed articles in return for more exposure - was in perfect balance . Yoga of the karmic kind; a green exchange of skills and services started to grow - so that we are helping this lifestyle of yoga be a ‘living organic and evolutionary lifestyle’ accessible to all. With this ‘growing approach’ we are nurturing  and thereby educating, sharing and keeping the experience going around - the way we would all like to think  education and good things can go ‘round.

The idea also was to produce something that was nourished from an ethos of global caring and compassion - one that resonated with the ‘clean green New Zealand image’ and offered opportunities for levels of personal responsibility so you get to choose how big of a carbon footprint you feel comfortable with - so we are offering several ways to read and enjoy your NZ Yoga Scene from E-zine to full colour hardcopy delivered.

Our team grew … from seeds too; first there was Susan …and then Linda, Ella and Suz and Leisa … and we have room for more flowers - this is an organic wildflower garden … and if working pro-bono and growing the nourishment that knowledge married with experience of yoga gives throughout our community sounds like you … join us! There is definitely room on this bus!

Om shanti shanti shanti.
Susan past Professor of International English; grew up with yoga way back in the 60’s. Worked for many years in the media and entertainment industries - from farming expos to rock concerts. Currently teach yoga, RYT registered trained in India/USA, writes, studies and lives on a farm in Northland, with her Korean partner, when she is not harvesting olives and grapes with her sister on Waiheke Island.
Ella studying with Northtec in Arts. Is training to be a Yoga Teacher - has already created her first Yoga DVD - was a Yogathon Sun Salute Leader for 2014. Has modeled asana for IYTA Aotearoa during 2014. Hales from the deep South but lives between Kerikeri and Whangarei. A free and poetic spirit who lights up our lives.
Suz a young mum training to be a nurse with NorthTec and Whangarei Hospital. Athletic and sporty Suz enjoys all forms of yoga and can be seen at most Whangarei yoga events, inspired and inspiring with her bountiful enthusiasm and energy.  Suz has modelled Mark Whitwell yoga asana in the past - although not yet met Mark…one day we hope!
Leisa is self employed and has a history of working in the media and with Holistic and Organic therapies. Schooled in Takapuna she now lives in Wellington. A courageous woman - indomitable in her fight against the cancer that threatened to ravage her … in her own words our caner Survivor (small c BIG S) says … ‘my broken body and spirit were touched and healed by the practice of yoga. The knowledge that I now have the rest of my life to enjoy the daily practice of yoga fills me with a joy I cannot define.  I can only encourage each and every person I come in contact with to experience yoga for themselves.
In the words of Sri K. PattabhiJois - “Do your practice and all is coming”.
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