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Signs your vehicle's exhaust needs checking:
If the panels around the exhaust pipe are grey and dirty, your exhaust is not running as cleanly as it should be - come in and see Martin for a FREE Check-up.
If your car exhaust seems loud or is dirty, it’s best to get it checked out.
If your car begins to growl, your engine chokes, or you suspect an exhaust system leak, don’t wait. Bring your vehicle to Martin at Kamo Muffler Centre
Free Check-Up

A clean car exhaust system is a sign that your vehicle is running well.

Martin will also check that your car exhaust system is not leaking, which can lead to carbon monoxide fumes being released inside your vehicle.

Exhaust systems today are better than ever.
They have to be to provide better:
          Fuel efficiency
          Pollution and noise control

However, your muffler, exhaust pipe and catalytic converter are still vulnerable to corrosion and damage. After all, they're under your car.

That's why we offer a FREE Check of your exhaust system - while you wait. It only takes about 10 minutes, and you will get a written quote if your exhaust system does need repairs.
Phone Martin on 09 435 3092 and book in now.
Benefits of a healthy exhaust system
You save money on gas.

Higher operating temperatures and catalytic converters help engines burn fuel more efficiently.

You breathe easier.

More of the harmful gases and compounds are burned in the exhaust system and catalytic converter before they are released into the atmosphere. This helps reduce the pollutants that can cause smog.

You cause less pollution.

More complete burning of fuel reduces pollution and protects our environment.
What we   Can do   for you
We can install and repair both standard and modified car exhaust systems on vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

Exhaust system repair

Exhaust replacement

Service & maintenance

Custom & performance exhausts

Don't delay if your car has exhaust trouble; speak to us today - we are the specialists!
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Custom work  and welding
Custom work and welding

If you want to customise your vehicle for increased performance, decreased fuel consumption, and a great sound, then call Martin. He's the expert!

Exhaust Manifold

An exhaust manifold collects the exhaust gases from multiple cylinders into one pipe. In contrast, an inlet manifold is the part of an engine that supplies the air to the cylinders.
The goal of performance exhaust headers is mainly to decrease flow resistance (back pressure), and to increase the volumetric efficiency of an engine, resulting in a gain in power output.


Exhaust extractors, also referred to as headers, are a series of exhaust headpipes that attach to each cylinder. The pipes then converge into a tube-like device called a collector. Exhaust extractors are typically composed of stainless steel or ceramic or mild steel.

Exhaust extractors increase engine performance by reducing the back pressure, which results in a more efficient delivery of combustion mixture and therefore a higher power output by the engine. Back pressure is the resistance to fluid via bends or obstructions within an enclosed area. Pressure is added by piping and vents circulating air against the direction of the flow.

Dog Boxes / Kennels
Martin can fabricate Dog Boxes or Dog Kennels to your requirements.

Chassis Rust / Welding
Repair that chassis - and have a safer vehicle.
Kamo Muffler Centre
Whangarei's Specialist Muffler Centre 
Behind the Kamo Shops
Phone: 094353092
Text: 0276974809