Manage your exposure to the risk of not being compliant with current legislation.
Because, sooner or later, you will be audited by MBIE.
As Property Managers, we all know how very much more difficult it has become to keep up with compliance.

Keeping up to date with templates, rental agreements, Healthy Homes requirements, etc, is simply TOO MUCH for many small (and even larger) property management businesses.

The bad news is that your business will be audited by MBIE.

Property management businesses are already being fined, and their reputations damaged, as a result of not being compliant. You can avoid this.

The other issue is that, with the best will in the world, it is impossible to audit your own business. You cannot correct an error that you do not know exists!

The good news is - there is someone who will do a pre-audit risk assessment for you!
These are the compliance issues that are commonly found:
  - out of date rental agreements
  - incorrect templates
  - inspections not done
  - inspections not recorded
  - incomplete notes
  - Health Homes issues unresolved
  - incorrect attribution of funds